How to get rid of bed bugs yourself : The simplest approach to exterminate bed bugs quickly

Bed bugs are epidemic,difficult to see, and nocturnal…

But this little dummy vampires follow the same script… and this why  i ve created this step-by-step bulletproof approach to get rid of them…


I divided this approach into 3 phases : Removal,Sanitation,Prevention

  • Removal:
  1. Remove anything that is in the bed bugs hot spots(all the bedding pillows any fabrics near to the infested area….
  2. Put them into plastic bug
  3. Wash and dry anything on the highest heat setting (the heat is most important make sure to put in the highest heat setting for 30 minutes).


  • Sanitation:
  1. Vacuum bed bugs crevices and bed bugs hot spots…
  2. Scrap everything as you vacuum ….the common area you should focus on are ( the fabric folds,beds and sofas,also edges and carpets)….
  3. Use rubbing alcohol or water and detergent applied from a good, big spray bottle (i recommend you to buy several large bottles of 70% rubbing alcohol and mix them with water at no less than 50% strength)….

And the most important  part of this process and for better results, i recommend that you do one of  this 2 options:

Diatomaceous earth is  powder that kill bed bugs within few days in contact with bed bugs by sticking to there body and dehydrating them

Be cautious when it comes to choosing diatomeceous earth

Using the Correct Diatomaceous Earth:

This formula is perfect for killing bed bugs yourself.  When they come in contact with the powder it will latch onto their body and cut through their exoskeleton.

This allows the the moisture in their body to escape which is vital to their survival. They will dehydrate and die within a few days of contact. 

Safer Brand’s bed bug powder also contains an attractant formula that will kills insects even faster by ingestion.

This is the most economical and convenient solution to help get rid of a bed bug infestation. It provides an organic solution with lasting protection.


The 2nd option  is to use a bed bugs spray killer is the best way to get rid of bed bugs killer,and for maximum efficiency and to get better results.

I recommend you to use Harris Pyrethroid-Resistant Bed Bug Killer is the most effective at killing bed bugs of all types and their eggsharris bed bug killer review

  • Residual control, continues to kill bed bugs and their eggs after application
  • Kills on contact
  • Odorless and non-staining
  • Leaves no visible residue
  • safe to use around children and pets

This product is only a fraction of the cost of hiring a pest control company

Harris bed bugs killer is worth is weight in gold,when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs…

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And to keep it simple for you,i will write a new article later about prevention…